Sunday, May 29, 2011

January - March 2010

Well, it is almost June and I'm just getting around to the 1st quarter 2011 update! So I'll keep this one short.

Dominic took full advantage of the record snow falls early this year. He loved playing outside in the snow and "shoveling." Actually mom appreciated the encouragement to get outside during the winter too. I think I may have enjoyed building Dominic's first snowman more than Dominic did.

In January Dominic started a gymnastics class with Aunt Karen on Fridays. He is a little too fearless diving into the foam pit, jumping on the trampoline, and just being an overall crazy boy. Grandpa Ken says he obviously doesn't understand gravity yet! Dominic has also gotten very good at hanging from the bars.

We had fun at many birthday parties this winter. Happy Birthday to:
Mariana - Age 1
Gabriella - Age 2
Christian - Age 5
The "Beaumont Babies" - Una, Braeden, Blair, Mia, Olivia, Brooklyn, Caleb, Evan, Izzy - Age 2

And last but not least - Happy Birthday to DOMINIC! Our baby turned 2 on March 25th. We celebrated with a party at our house. Dominic's favorite part was singing Happy Birthday and blowing out the candles.

Benjamin Matthew added his birthday to the mix when he joined the world on March 30, 2011 weighing in at 8lbs 12oz and measuring 21.5 in long. Congratulations to Kevin & Nancy and big sibs Joey & Kate

At age 2 Dominic is talking like crazy. He knows his ABC's and can count to 16. It goes something like this... 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 11-teen, 16! He loves Dora. When Aunt Karen tried to pretend she didn't know what channel Dora was on Dominic informed her, "Dora is on demand." Humm, we may be creating a monster. He also continues to love music and is getting very good at singing many songs and nursery rhymes.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Oct - Dec 2010

It's been difficult to get back into the spirit of blogging after the loss of Grandma Robyn. But in between the heartache, we've had some happy times these last three months - and this update will focus those positive times. We are just sad Grandma Robyn is not here to share them with us.

The original early October day for our fall family photo shoot was gorgeous. And, everything was going great until Dominic stepped into a mysterious hole and we were subsequently attacked by a swarm of angry wasps. Dominic was stung in the ear an twice in his leg. Kit was stung in the hand, and one got me in the stomach. Yep, they were mad. Take two a week later went much better!

In mid-October Dominic enjoyed his first horseback ride with Grandma M and her horse Cody. He loved the other horses, cats, and dogs at the farm as well. That same weekend we celebrated Grandma Mari's 89th birthday with Kit's aunts and uncle all in town!

We went pumpkin picking just before Halloween at The Bower's Farm. Dominic's favorite part was the Kiddie straw maze... yep, a year later his straw obsession continues! For Halloween Dominic dressed up as his favorite animal, a puppy. We trick-or-treated to a few close neighbors' houses before heading to Aunt Linda and Uncle Ronny's house where the real fun began for Dominic - running endlessly in circles with cousin Tommy.

Happy 3rd Birthday to cousin Ryan in November!

We found that Dominic's generally outgoing and friendly attitude can be shaken - by Santa! He almost immediately started begging for us to come save him, "Mommy, please, Mommy, please, ... ." He also now seems to think that any stranger with a beard or a moustache is "Santa."

It was fun to have the family over again this year for Christmas Eve. Papa Ken emceed another intense game of name-that-christmas-carol-singer. Dominic got lots of fun gifts including a sled we were able to test out on Christmas Day. He had fun being pulled around the yard, and everyone else had fun watching him try to maneuver in his snow gear!

From the end of September to the end of December Dominic's vocabulary exploded. And along with it, so have his demands! "I need it," "I want it," "Please have it"... . He has also become somewhat of a backseat driver - "Green Go," "Red Stop," and exclamations for "Tunnel" entertain us during car rides. In addition, we may have an actor on our hands. Dominic has taken to the idea of pretend declaring he is "A Baby" and pretending to cry, once even to the point of real tears! This can be pretty funny. Unfortunately the little boy at open gym who fell down crying didn't find it so funny when Dominic pointed to him, said "A Baby," and mimicked his crying. Humm....

Click on puppy Dominic to see our Oct-Dec picture highlights.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Robyn - We Love You!

Robyn Roncelli:
11/20/1955 - 11/20/2010

To be honest, when Robyn first entered my life nine years ago I was crushed. This stranger did not belong. But the pain I felt then, compares little to the devastation felt now as she leaves. Yes, in nine short years Robyn went from someone with whom I was uncomfortable being in the same room – to the only person I was comfortable having in the room when Dominic was born. Robyn’s spunky attitude, pure joy in life, and giving ways were impossible to resist. Whether it was singing and dancing to “It’s Raining Men,” cheering on the Spartans and Tigers, or playing golf – Robyn always had a blast.

Robyn gave love freely and without hesitation. She loved to nurture and care for others. She mothered me while respecting the fact that she could not replace my mother. Robyn indulged my obsessive-ness over bridal gown shopping, house hunting, furniture buying, and nursery decorating. She delighted in all of these things right along with me - which made everything all the more fun. Robyn loved to shop. I don’t think there was ever more than a few days between calls from Kohl’s or COSTCO asking if I needed one thing or another. She became the top fan and super scorekeeper at my softball games. She embraced all of my friends and absolutely loved hearing about what was going on in their lives. Above all, she adored being a grandma.

Robyn faced her impossible stage IV cancer diagnosis 5.5 years ago with strength and determination. She spent much of the last five years comforting those around her, not wanting to be the cause of any pain for those she held dear. I often had friends ask how Robyn was doing… was her cancer in “remission.” No, I would have to remind them, she will not be going into remission, her disease is too advanced, incurable. I don’t believe they forgot this because they were absentminded or uncaring, but rather because Robyn made it so easy to forget. She forged ahead enjoying every day with lots of smiles and laughs.

In nine short years Robyn went from stranger to beloved friend. She taught me that letting new people into your life is not a threat any others. There is no limit on the amount of love you can feel in your heart... Robyn’s heart certainly had no limits.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

August / September 2010

Luckily things settled down for us (compared to the previous two months) in August and September. Well, that is after our harrowing start... which involved Dominic diving head first into Aunt Michelle and Uncle Jeff's pool at the quarterly birthday party. He was being very closely watched by many capable adults, but as we now know first hand - it only takes a split second. Grandpa "Safety First" Ken was the quickest to action. He channeled his inner Steve Yzerman and leapt over the side of the pool as swiftly as The Captain over the boards. Dominic was scooped out within seconds and was no worse for the wear. He didn't even cough or cry. Unfortunately Grandpa's cell phone, camera, and car key fob did not fare as well. But Grandpa says it was definitely worth it!

Dominic enjoyed the "Big Rig Gig" in early August. Lake Orion parks and rec sponsors the event where many "big rigs" are parked at Friendship Park. The kids can explore the fire trucks, tractors, ambulances, and more. G&G Primo and Marie came too, along with Grandpa Ken. Dominic's favorite was the John Deere equipment, and running all over the place. Great-Grandpa Primo and Grandpa Ken most enjoyed reminiscing with the owner of the Twin Pines milk truck... Just like the one that delivered in their neighborhood. In fact, the owner's dad did deliver in the old Zalewski (my mom's) neighborhood at Outer Drive and Van Dyke on the east side of Detroit. Small world.

Dominic had lots of playtime with friends in August and September. His Beaumont friends came to visit in early August with their mommies and daddies. We barbequed and visited and the little tykes chased bubbles. Mariana brought her mommy (Joy) and daddy (John) over for a nice playdate in August. In addition, Dominic was given a lesson in sharing and taking turns from buddy Zach who came to play all the way from Houston with his mommy Lisa. Another out of town traveler, cousin Devin, came to visit from Washington, D.C.. Dominic also got to explore other kiddies' toys when we went to visit Mackenzie and Eric, as well as Braden and Sierra. New toys are always fun!

We thoroughly enjoyed the outdoor summer playtime with lots of trip to the park and the discovery of a great beach at Spencer Park. Dominic also enjoyed cheering on his mommy at many of my softball games. Summertime is the best!

Cousin Lauren turned 11 in September - Happy Birthday to Lauren! And, cousins Joey and Kate celebrated their 1st birthday on September 24th. They both loved their first tastes of cake, yummy.

Dominic has spent many hours showing Grandma Robyn how fast he can run in circles around her bed. He also loves to help Grandma with her meals by holding her pop bottle with straw and "feeding" her the fruit punch.

More Dominic Stats:

18 months - 26 lbs (60ish%-tile) and 33in (95%-tile).

Talking more and more every day, it's crazy! Some favorite words are yeah, yep, mama, dada, papa, Aunt Karen, Donna, nana, car, top, cup, up, ball, baa, meow, ruff, neigh, oink, purple, yellow, bye-bye, hi, hey, stacy (grandma's cat), six, seven, eight, eighteen, ...

He also has become very interested in identifying letters. Of course dad is most proud that Dominic's favorite letter is "M" (for Michigan). He loves to point out M's everywhere and gets especially excited for the big block maize "M".

Picture link at the upper right. Also, I've posted my first video to Utube! See video link. I don't know how to edit yet, so apologies for the 3 minute length. (

Saturday, August 7, 2010

June/July 2010

What a crazy first two months of summer! We have been busy, busy, busy. Unfortunately much of the craziness was due to way too much work and studying. But, I do have super exciting news. For those of you who have commiserated with me over the last (way too many) years of studying for actuarial exams - I'M DONE, I'M DONE, I'M DONE!!! I can hardly believe it myself. I successfully finished my last requirement on July 30th, thanks in great part to Aunt Karen who spent lots of extra time playing with Dominic on Wednesday's, my "day off", and a few weekends as well. He had tons of fun during his extra Aunt Karen time swimming at swim school, taking walks to the playground, and doing a lot of weeding. Dominic has become completely obsessed with pulling weeds, particuarly all of the tiny unwanted maple trees that seem to pop up everywhere. He is not satisfied unless he gets them out down to the root. I hope this continues for many more years!

In between the work and studying we had a lot of fun. Friends Kelli, Noel, and Ben came to visit from South Carolina. Noel joined Dominic at the Memorial Day parade, while Ben came over a few days later for some playtime. He and Dominic had a blast after they discovered a nice big puddle on the sidewalk to splash through. Holly stopped by to see the gang as well.

Congrats to cousin Paul who graduated from Eisenhower High School in June!

Great-Grandma Mari and Great-Aunt Rosalind came to visit from Ohio at the end of June. By the end of dinner, Dominic was signing "more" thanks to some training from Aunt Rosalind. He now asks for "more" of EVERYTHING!

We ventured downtown to Comerica Park over the 4th of July weekend where Dominic experienced his 1st Tigers game. The Verlander t-shirt that Grandma Robyn purchased for him early in the season was just perfect for cheering on the starter that night. Thank goodness we were lucky enough to utilize my work suite, because Dominic could not be contained. But he had tons of fun running around the suite and concourse.

In addition over the 4th of July weekend, Dominic was excited to be invited over to the neighbors' house for some swimming on a 90+ degree day. He loved the Davenport's pool, so much so that for several days after he ran over to the fence and cried to go back over (a bit embarassing for mom).

Kit enjoyed a whirlwind July weekend in Seattle to celebrate at the wedding of college pal Ryan Parker. Congratulations to Ryan and Amy!

Happy birthday to cousin Tommy who turned 3 in July! We had fun celebrating at his birthday party near the end of the month.

Overall, it has been a lot of fun watching Dominic explore and discover the world this summer. Pictures in the June/July album, top right.

Monday, June 14, 2010

May 2010

We started the month of May with a celebration of Dominic's friend Mackenzie's, 1st Birthday! Dominic enjoyed playing with lots of new friends and new toys at the party.

Kit and I had a rare night out to celebrate the marriage of John and Becky Patouhas (our good friend Joy's brother!). 3-Month old Mariana made a super cute "flower baby" at her Uncle's wedding.

On Memorial Day Dominic was mesmerized by the Sterling Heights Parade. In Roncelli family tradition, the whole gang gathered at Great-Grandma Marie and Great-Grandpa Primo's house for the parade and a post-parade BBQ. Big Thanks to Aunt Linda and Uncle Ronny for all of the hard work pulling the feast together! We also celebrated Grandpa Primo's 89th Birthday! Dominic loved collecting all of the parade candy for the big kids. He also had a blast running through the sprinkler for the first time - it was a very hot Memorial Day.

At 14 Months Dominic loves to "help" with things. Inside he pretty much insists on standing on a chair to help wash the dishes. He is also very good at dragging laundry baskets around the house, whether it is time to do the laundry or not. Outside, throwing weeds, leaves, and pinecones into the yard waste bins is one of his favorite pastimes. Unfortunately he also likes to pull them out of the bin.

Dominic's 1 year pictures were taken in April and are included in our May album along with other May fun!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

April 2010

April brought some very nice spring days and lots of fun playtime outside for Dominic! We started the month with an Easter celebration - lunch and a visit with the Easter Bunny at the Sterling Inn banquet center. There was a TON of yummy food and we all loved not having to cook and clean. This may have to become a new tradition. Dominic absolutely loved the Easter Bunny, following him all around the banquet hall.

Mid-month we celebrated the collective 1st birthday's of the babies of our Beaumont Parenting group. All ten of them enjoyed birthday cupcakes at the Cupcake Kitchen at Partridge Creek Mall. It was too cute! In addition, Dominic and Mariana had fun at their very first playdate including a nice walk and playtime outside.

We celebrated Cousin Megan's 7th birthday at the end of the month, as well as Grandpa Ken's. Happy Birthday!

At 13 months Dominic seems to learn something new everyday! He loves music and one of his favorite new toys is a kiddie MP3 player. He carries it around listening to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," "The Wheels on the Bus," "Old MacDonald," and many others.

April pictures in our April album on the top right.